Saturday, October 22, 2011

The world on the MOVE!

The Europe Union nations have come to some agreement about its economic problems with certain nations.
They have agree to raise over 100 BILLION Euros to put in a type of reserve fund. The idea is to be ratified tomorrow.

Now there are demonstrations by the Spanish people because of Government having to bring in cut backs to stabilize its economic problems.

The floods in THAILAND continue, some of the pictures/video from BBC on the flooded areas are quite shocking.....the worst flooding in many decades for that nation.

A sad report coming from India. 200 girls have been given new names. Girls are often in India looked upon by their families as a burden and they find themselves cast out. The BBC did not go into the details, but how sad when you think about India - they have the unclear bomb - they have a somewhat booming economy - they have many with a very high education, most of us can think of many doctors we may know of who are from India. We think of "Bollywood" film industry that is gaining more and more popularity in the West (it is the equivalent of Hollywood). Yet there is this type of "racist" attitude with some in India towards girls - I find this very sad.

Well on a lighter frame of mind.

Movies worth seeing:

"MONEYBALL" -  is a true movie about the unbelievable 20 game winning streak of the Oakland A's Baseball team that was achieved on a very low budget - interesting and worth seeing.

I have already in the past mentioned "THE HELP" - a must see also. It is still running here in Calgary, been here now for a while, longer than most movies stay around, so indeed it must be having an impact on our 1 Million plus population in this city.

"FOOTLOOSE" - you may think this is a "teens" movie, but it is not. I went to see it the other day. It is definitely a movie for teens and adults. It is in many ways a "religious" movie - Christian religion plays a large part in it, and shows how bent out of shape life can become with tragedy and a wrong slant on things from sincere but sincerely wrong a Christian mind-set. And some very talented dancing in parts of this movie, especially at the end. And yes the Bible is quoted - plays an important part to get a bakance on life. Yessss....some "Christian" religions may not like the quotes, but that is their problem for not reading the whole Bible. Yes, put this movie on your list to see.

"ABDUCTION" - a take on life as it could happen I guess. Yes this is also worth the see.

"DREAM HOUSE" - a different suspense, with a different twist - I would say a teen to adult movie - again worth the see.

"SARAH'S KEY" - mentioned it before I believe - indeed another one worth seeing.

"REAL STEAL" - a somewhat science fiction movie. Human boxing sport, so-called "sport" will not be allowed in the age to come. God never intended man or woman to try and beat each other in the head and on to the canvas. This movie at least movies away from humans boxing each other, and into the age of man made robots boxing each other. So with that I did go to see it, and looking at it as science fiction it was interesting and of course action, and a slightly different ending than what you were expecting - good but not quite the ultimate good that most probably thought was going to be the ending - yet you were still left with the proverbial "underdog" coming through in good style.

"DOLPHIN TALE" - I've mentioned it a few times already, but must again, as it is most assuredly a FAMILY movie - and a true story to boot - a MUST see for all families. Buy this one when it comes out on DVD.

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