Friday, October 21, 2011


So USA troops are to ALL be home by the end of the year from Iraq.

The cost of this 9 year war - 700 BILLION DOLLARS

But MORE - 4, 500 soldiers nearly, were killed!!

Wounded - 32, 000 plus

I told you 9 years ago that this war was WRONG, A MISTAKE, and would not be able to be won per se.

Iraq today is one big question mark as to how it will proceed after all USA troops leave - time of course will tell.  But for the families involved with having a son or daughter dead and so many wounded, many now with false limbs, mental problems and etc. that comes with such wars, especially when long ones like 9 years.....well the cost is mind-numbing!

A sad commentary after vain, proud, "kick some ass" (literally used those words after 9/11) Bush guy said within days after the USA and Britain started the war, that the war was won!

I said 9 years ago that it was one thing to DO ALL you could to make our countries safe from fanatical crazy whoever......but to go and try and fight those fanatics on their own soil in their mountains, people who are skilled in hit and run, ambush, and know how to live in those barren mountains, WAS A HUGE MISTAKE. For one thing those fanatics would always be there, more would come to take the place of ones killed. You cannot win against mountain living fanatics that will even use suicide to come at you. The best you can do is to try with every means, to keep those fanatics getting into our country, and killing us on our own land. Anything else will just take more of our young people's lives and injuring thousands more - and so nearly 4, 500 killed and 32, 000 injured.  So the rest in Iraq are coming home by the end of the year, they should have been home MANY years never being sent there in the first place.

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