Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dangerous animals / Jobs book coming

Just now on ABC news. The USA has just about NO laws to regulate having tigers, monkeys, poisonous snakes, and whatever other animal we think of as "just for the wild" - and apparently business is booming.

This is crazy stuff that people are doing and some dying, literally over.

It is NOT yet the age to come. God will in that age do miracles....He will CHANGE the nature of wild animals so the lion will eat straw like the ox and then a child will play with them.

But folks we are NOT YET in that age. God has given us dogs and cats, and some birds, and horses, ponies, to have as pets, and of course some of the smaller animals like turtles and lovely fish to enjoy. BUT the animals that we with common sense call "wild animals" - they are just that for now (sometimes we get one in a thousand that can stay as a pet, but who wants to try it out, many are doing so it seems) WILD....stay away from them,  God has not given them to us until He brings in the age to come.

Monday is the day that the new book about the life of Apple founder Steve Jobs comes out. It is already a best seller. It takes into account 40 interviews where nothing was off limits. Sooooo indeed people (I for one) will want to know about this very gifted man. It will give us his life story, all the ins and outs, all the nitty-gritty. Yes I can see it flying off the bookshelves, will indeed be a best seller. It will be about the man that most of the world did not really know much about, except his amazing mind to bring us the Apple computer and the iPad and whatever else Apple is coming out with. A very gifted and talented man....should be an interesting book, yes sir!

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