Thursday, October 27, 2011

Insulin and Dr.Banting

It was just about 90 years ago that Dr. Banting made history and "insulin" was discovered and extracted from a dog.

Dr. Banting was from Canada - Toronto - the FIRST Canadian to get the Noble Prize!

Now we are talking here of type ONE diabetes - not about the 80 percent of diabetic with diabetes # 2.

Insulin is a must for your body if you want to live. Those children or adults where their body does not produce insulin will die if they do not get it.

Dr. Banting and his discovery of insulin has saved THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of lives in the last 90 years, and is still saving lives.

YET, get this.....up to just a little while ago there was NO historic museum in Toronto to honor Dr. Banting and his break-through discovery. It was on CBC tonight.....people coming from around the world to Toronto would often ask the Medical world of Toronto where they could see the museum for the discovery of insulin. The answer for nearly 90 years was .... well there is NOT one!

Can you imagine..... Canada where have you been sleeping; this man is historic and his discovery is one of the good major break-through discoveries for people in the entire world, AND CANADA DID NOT HAVE A PLACE TO REMEMBER THIS DOCTOR AND SCIENTIST!!

That blows me away - but thankfully they do now have a museum in one of the Toronto hospitals - a space set side with the original desk, notes and etc. of this Dr. Banting, to remember and honor him for the discovery of insulin.

Well I guess as they say BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!

About time Canada, about time!

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