Monday, October 3, 2011

The latest on "women" in TEAM POWER SPORTS!!

A very interesting 15 minutes on CBC TV tonight concerning head and neck injuries to women in the physical team sports.

I grew up in an age where women did not play the men's physical team sports - you did not have women playing soccer, rugby, hockey, and such team sports.

We live yes in an age today where it would be considered "sexist" or down right fanatical "politically incorrect" and whatever else, if you said women should not be playing the physical type team sports that in the past were considered for just boys and men.

Well the 15 minute on CBC TV was quite revealing. There is a surprising high percent of neck and head injury with women playing the physical team sports like hockey, soccer, even basketball (that team sport also has leg injuries that are serious and can lead to surgical matters).

So some (experts) want to know why this is, and they are doing all kinds of tests and experiments. The results so far.......well should not be that surprising......women are not put together as strong as men, just that simple in the average overall of women and men.

God did not create women in the main, to be as strong in muscles etc. and just put together like men. Hence the physical type team sports are going to take a larger toll on the bodies of girls and women than they do (with the same falls, head hitting something etc.) with boys (over a certain age) and men.

To be up front with you......girls, women, should NOT be playing games like rugby - which I did not know they did till a few years ago, when one young lady told me she played rugby in High School.  I was quite shocked when she told me that fact.

Well it's been common sense that we do not have physical teams sports where men and women play on the same team - like having a mixed hockey teams, or rugby teams, or even soccer teams. I mean the Olympics in certain sports still have men only and women only. Now there is usually no serious injuries in say a woman running the 100 meter dash, or the man running it. But we have common sense to keep the 100 meter dash as separate events for men and women. Common sense tells us men will always run faster than a woman in the final of the Olympic 100 meter dash, so we keep the two sexes separate for such an event. Common sense in many sport events tell us to have the event separate for men and women.

But somewhere along the way, women have figured it was fine to play soccer, rugby, hockey, if it was an all female team playing an all female team.

Wellllll.......the stats and science are now telling us, or to be more specific, telling you ladies, that some traditionally men physical team sports should not be played by women, you were simply not created by the Eternal God to take such pounding of your body in those type physical team sports.

There is SO MUCH you ladies can partake in when it comes to sports, and yes we still do rightly have some sports where men and women are fully on equal ground in competing - I think of show jumping (being a horseman) for one, which can be as dangerous for either sex if you crash on the ground with your head.

So young girls, young teens, young ladies, with these new stats and experiments and testing given to females, you REALLY SHOULD think twice, think three times, think.....before you think you can play some physical team sports with a female body. There are so many other sports your body can handle just fine....pick one or more of them!

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