Thursday, October 13, 2011

The NANO revolution!!

Do you think we are into such an age of technology that we cannot see a huge revolution for the world at large?

Well you may not know about the NANO revolution that is on its way, being developed in science labs in different part of the world.

The NANO will revolutionize EVERYTHING, in every part of human life, from buildings, to medicine, to health, to a device like the dog's nose, to computers, to iPads and cell-phone and just about everything else you want to think about.

We are here talking about REAL SPACE AGE technology, that will blow your mind as never before.

The CBC Canada on the program THE NATURE OF THINGS is having a 3 part series on the Nano Revolution. I have just finished watching the first one, and it was mind numbing, to say the least.

YOU NEED TO SEE THESE PROGRAMS and be right up to date in the latest that science can and is doing, which could effect every facet of our future lives.

They may not yet have uploaded the first program to their website, but they will. Here is the website:


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