Saturday, October 29, 2011

Syria Dictator should be next

So the Syrian dictator says if the West pushes its nose in, it will be another Afghanistan.

Well now, speaking as from the carnal Western world, now that Mad-Ghadfi  is gone, the West (USA, Britain, Canada) and Nato, should just go in with their space age tech machines and teach this big (tall) lolly-pop dictator, this vain, boastful, egotistical mad-man, a lesson in killing, seeing as his clones like to kill their own people. Time for the West to show him whose really still the boss, and who still has the firepower to blow him and his goons from planet earth.

So looking at it from how you leaders of the carnal mind-set of the West, should be looking at it, for you it is time to step up to the plate and hit this Syrian mad-dog right between his legs and put him out of his vain misery, and send him to meet Mad-Ghafi and bin Laden.

Time for the Arab nations to be LIBERATED so they can go on to fulfill their destiny in Bible prophecy. The world does not want to see the Kingdom of God come to earth by REPENTING of SINS and LIVING according to the Word of the Eternal (God's Kingdom could come to earth in peace) so it has to be the way it is written, it so must come in the scope of violence, pain, suffering, and death. The Arab nations must fulfill their prophetic place in end time prophecy. And all of that I have expounded to you in detail on my website as I went through every prophetic book of the Bible.

Time and prophecy marches on. You will see it all come to pass as I've said it will.

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